How Money Talks & Venture Pitching 'Rules of Thumb'

How Money Talks

Investors rely on a wide range of information signals to assess ventures and to decide which ones to fund and which ones to avoid. Not all of signals are related to the quality of the venture itself, but rather often the entrepreneurs themselves turn out to be the focus of the evaluation process. In this talk we zoom in on the role an entrepreneur’s voice plays for getting funding. Specifically, we investigate how the tone and sound of a speaker’s voice, that is their pitch level, melodic range, speech tempo, and other factors, affect venture evaluation. We draw on three consecutive studies to show that speakers’ pitch level and range, as well as their projected body size (smallness) significantly affect funding.

Venture Pitching 'Rules of Thumb'

Each pitch presentation should inform (= clear content which is easy to explain to everyone) and inspire investors (= well structured presentation and confident, authentic presentation style).
Besides the importance of the former topic, i.e. influencing the presentation style of the entrepreneur, we will focus in this part of the presentation on techniques how to make the pitch presentation more memorable to investors:

  • What are the ‘common investor filter criteria’ you have to be aware of?
  • How can you pitch the right things?
  • What is a “storytelling flow”?
  • What is the business model magic triangle?
  • How can a value proposition be crafted?


Date and Timing

Thursday 17 June 19:15 - 21:30