European PANTHER Program


About the Program

Within this program, participants develop their business idea into a fundable and sustainable business plan. We offer an intensive training and coaching trajectory consisting of 5 sessions which combine lectures, development and pitching activities.  Each session (from Wednesday till Friday) is organized on a different location (Antwerp/Leuven, Eindhoven, Pisa, Enschede, Berlin)  and hosted by organizations that excel in knowledge intensive entrepreneurship. This set-up offers an unique opportunity to learn from and become inspired by different local entrepreneurial eco-systems across Europe and to engrain this knowledge in the development trajectory of the venture.

Inspired by the TI:GER program developed at the Scheller School (Georgia Tech & Emory, Atlanta), we decided to call our program  PANTHER: Propagating  Action & Networks Towards (Higher) Entrepreneurial Results.

Who Should Attend

If you are working on an exciting (technological) opportunity with European (or even global) potential and currently developing your idea into a sustainable value proposition (with a corresponding business plan), this boot camp is for you.

Over a period of 7 months we guide and coach you and your entrepreneurial team (we encourage participants to join with a team of 2/3) through the process of articulating and refining your vision, and translating it into a unique resource configuration and business model that can become sustainable and scalable.

Both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are encouraged to apply and will be equally considered for joining this program.


Session 1: Defining the Scope of your Opportunity (14/03 - 16/03)

Session 2: Designing your Opportunity (25/04 - 27/04)

Session 3: Me, Myself and my Venture (20/06 - 22/06)

Session 4: Delivering the Promise (19/09 - 21/09)

Session 5: Designing (and Scaling) a Sustainable Resource Configuration (17/10 - 19/10)

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6.750 Euro per team of 2 participants
7.500 per team of 3 participants
Budget covers all lectures, workshops and coaching sessions as well as catering during these activities (Not included: Travel & Accomodation)