MBA lecture by Isabelle Reymen: Design of Innovation Ecosystems



Isabelle Reymen is Professor Design of Innovation Ecosystems in the Innovation, Technology Entrepreneurship and Marketing group at the School of Industrial Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), The Netherlands. Furthermore, she is scientific director of TU/e innovation Space, a community that facilitates and supports interdisciplinary hands-on education, engineering design and entrepreneurship. Her current research interests focus on the design of collaboration processes for technology commercialization within innovation ecosystems. She has published in journals like Organization Studies, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Strategic Organization, Journal of Technology Transfer, and Journal of Product Innovation Management.

The presentation will focus on why innovation ecosystems matter, how to design them, and key learnings from successful innovation ecosystems. More concrete, she will give some definitions and indicate key aspects of innovation ecosystems. She will highlight the design science perspective she takes towards studying and designing such entrepreneurship artefacts. Finally, she will give three examples of different innovation ecosystems she relates to: innovation ecosystems for creating  synergies in technology commercialization with  Aerospace and other application domains (like Energy), the Brainport High-Tech Ecosystem in South-East of the Netherlands, and an innovation ecosystem she is developing at the Eindhoven University of Technology, thereby creating an innovative education context.


Date: 18/05/2018


  • 16u30 welcome
  • 17u00 seminar
  • 18u00 questions
  • 18u30 reception


Flanders Business School
Sint-Katelijnevest 26-28
2000 Antwerp