Executive MBA - International Masterclasses

MBA masterclasses with focus on Entrepreneurship

Flanders Business School sees entrepreneurship and innovation as one of the most important keys to societal progress. For us, entrepreneurship entails much more than just starting a new company. It also concerns the creation of new activities within existing organizations (corporate entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship) and/or the scaling of existing organizations. All our courses offer a combination of theoretical training and individual coaching moments, which are built around the real life entrepreneurial trajectories of the participants themselves.

In addition to our existing portfolio of programs we launch four new English masterclasses in collaboration with the University of Twente. The masterclasses will be taught in Enschede by experts from both Flanders Business School and University of Twente and give you insights in different aspects of entrepreneurship and a taste of the entrepreneurial drive and passion in the biggest startup community in the Netherlands.

Each masterclass corresponds with a module of our Dutch MBA program, which gives you the unique opportunity to use these masterclasses as credits for the full (Dutch) executive MBA program with focus on entrepreneurship at Flanders Business School or for the English executive MBA program that is being developed together with the University of Twente and will be launched 2021 – 2022.

The masterclasses
  • Module 1: Innovation and Entrepreneurship 
  • Module 2: HRM and Business Ethics 
  • Module 3: Marketing and Supply Management 
  • Module 4: Business Model Innovation and Servitization 

More info about the masterclasses will follow soon. 

If you have specific questions about this exciting new program, mail info@flandersbusinessschool.be and/or contact Prof.dr.ir. Petra C. de Weerd-Nederhof