Beyond Products & Services


On march 29th we welcome prof. Ivanka Visnjic, Peter Leemans and Ronnie Leten to our campus for a lecture about outcome-based services: Beyond Products and Services - The Journey to Performance Contracts, Subscriptions and Other Outcome-based Services

For most manufacturing and software companies, a significant part of the business already comes from services that are associated with their products. Many executives are asking the question- is there anything after services? The answer is yes. A selected group of companies are already charting the territory of outcome-based services that deliver to the customer pure utility she needs without product ownership or a bundle of different services. As a result, outcome-based services create growth and profit potential for the company, but as long as the risks are well understood and managed.

In this lecture you will hear about:
• Why companies set out to shift towards outcome-based services 
• The journey companies take, including the reason why they become more open
• The risks that outcome strategy brings and when it does (not) pay off
• The examples of companies that succeeded and those that failed
• The framework to decide whether and how far to go towards outcomes

Ivanka Visnjic is an Associate Professor of Innovation at ESADE Business School, where she also acts a Director of Institute for Innovation and Knowledge Management. Previously, Ivanka worked at a consulting firm McKinsey & Co, completed a PhD at KU Leuven in Belgium and helped set up business-led partnership, Cambridge Service Alliance, at University of Cambridge. Her research, consulting and speaking activities are focused on innovation at large, established companies. She led joint research projects, gave keynote speeches, hosted workshops and advised companies on product-service design, service business models and organizational transformation towards services. Ivanka has been working closely with C-suite and senior management teams of a number of global companies, such as Atlas Copco, BAE Systems, Caterpillar, GEA, IBM, Novozymes, Pearson and Zoetis.

Peter Leemans, vice president competence development and communication at Atlas Copco, will talk about the service journey of Atlas Copco. 

Ronnie Leten (to be confirmed), former CEO of Atlas Copco will end the lecture with some concluding remarks and reflections. During his time as CEO he has increased the market value of Atlas Copco from 12 to 35 billion euro. One of his main achievements, he says, was the transformation to a business model where they didn’t just sell products but also services (rental, maintenance, reparation, optimization … for the customer). (De Tijd, January 16th 2017).
In 2014 Ronnie Leten became Manager of the Year and in february 2019 he received an honorary doctorate at the faculty of business economics at Hasselt University. 


  • 14u00 Introduction by prof. Bart Van Looy
  • 14u15 Beyond Products and Services by prof. Ivanka Visnjic
  • 15u45 Break
  • 16u00 The service journey of Atlas Copco: Looking back and looking forward by Peter Leemans
  • 16u30 Concluding remarks and reflections by Ronnie Leten (to be confirmed)
  • 17u00 Q&A and panel discussion about The Future of Services


  • Friday March 29th 14h00 - 18h00
  • Price: €60
  • Flanders Business School, Sint-Katelijnevest 26-28 2000 Antwerp