Structure of the program

The program consists of 5 sessions on 5 different locations. In between the sessions, participants will get assignments to prepare for the next session. 

Dates and locations of the upcoming edition can be found here.

Session 1: Me, Myself and My Venture

  • Where do I stand - which role(s) to embody and how
  • Resilience and Entrepreneurship
  • Venturing - Needed roles
  • Defining the minimal viable organization
  • Presenting myself and my venture: story architecture and presentation (skills)

Session 2: Defining the Scope of Your Opportunity

  • Thinking in terms of innovation (paradigms)
  • Market opportunity detection
  • Advancing your appealing idea - which problem are you solving
  • Connecting to (and redefining) the eco - system
  • Scenario - thinking: identifying relevant trends, threats and opportunities


Session 3: Designing Your Opportunity

  • Choose your battlefields: Target customers and segments
  • Delineating/creating a unique valie proposition
  • Translating your value proposition into appropriate (and sustainable) business model(s)
  • Exploring potential revenue models
  • Pitching your idea convincingly


Session 4: Delivering the Promise

  • Modelling the opportunity/value proposition financially: income estimations
  • Selecting and leveraging partners
  • Exploring value delivery strategies
  • Developing unique resource configurations and identifying critical capabilities
  • Anchoring and protecting unique capabilities (IP strategies)


Session 5: Designing (and scaling) a Sustainable Resource Configuration

  • How to realistically stage a value delivery strategy
  • Modelling introduction, adoption and diffusion
  • Closing the circle: P&L modelling and assessing the value of the venture financially
  • Pitching your venture effectively
  • Fast forward, venture 2.0 - Scaling after launch