Program Structure

Courses and their startdate

Organised by University of Twente


Masterclass Innovation & Entrepreneurship: 23 August 2021 in Twente

Summer Courses: 

         (Both Summer Courses must be followed for the MBA to be valid.)

Masterclass Business Model Innovation & Servitisation 5 September 2021

Masterclass Organisation, HRM & Business Ethics November 2021

Masterclass Marketing & Supply Management: 17 February 2021


Organised by Flanders Business School

Masterclass Strategic & Financial Management

Summer Course Business Plan Development & Skills

Masterclass Decision Making

Masterclass Special Topics in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Masterclass Research Methodologies for Decision Making

Graduation Assignment: Businessplan

Masterclasses of University Twente: how it works

Each masterclass of the University of Twente consists of two or three seminars of two consecutive days (one seminar per month), which partly take place in the heart of Twente's innovative ecosystem (campus of the University of Twente), partly on the campus in Antwerp. In Twente we work together with coaches from Novel-T and within the inspiring DesignLab where we look at innovation and entrepreneurship from the 'Science2Design4Society' perspective.

For each masterclass you need to take into account a study load of 10 to 15 hours per week (excluding lectures).

When you have successfully completed the masterclass, you will receive a certificate from the University of Twente. A certificate then grants you an exemption for the related components of the executive MBA of Flanders Business School.